Postman, the API client/king has thought for too long that it is the only one reigning. With this thought, postman has been pushing down unnecessary features or rather complications, down our throat.

This made the desktop application of Postman extremely slow and buggy, sometimes even unusable for mid range PCs.

Few users including myself could travel once around the sun before these tiny planets load and open up the Application.(Please pardon the Hyperbole XD)

Most of these features are for its own benefit and not its users. Recently, it introduced a feature called workspace which will allow Postman to store all the API calls on its cloud. But sadly, this made the application even slower.

I am sure, many of use Postman to call APIs in all the environments (even PROD). The workspace feature automatically stores the whole API on its own cloud along with all the secrets and client-ids that you use. Yes you heard it right.

Am I the only one smelling something fishy here?

This lack of privacy has led many companies to prohibit their employees to use Postman for obvious reasons.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging with a problem.

You need not deal with the myriad of problems if you install VS Code. How would an IDE replace an API client, you ask? The magic is in the Extensions Marketplace. A new extension called the Thunder client is out. Yes, free of cost, lightweight and solving all your problems.

Thunder Client in VS code

What more? It also offers a GUI based testing, where you can select dropdowns to do most standard tests easily. Go and check it out: Thunderclient

This has been built by Ranga Vadhineni — Ranga Vadhineni. You can refer to his article on the same: Thunder-Client-Alternative-to-Postman

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